Last Day

Hi All! It’s hard to believe that we are all getting ready to say goodbye to this beautiful land tomorrow. What a blessing it has been to be a blessing to the people of Guatemala. We’ve seen and experienced God at work in powerful ways. We’ve also experienced many great times of seeing and sharing our God stories. It certainly has been powerful. Team Immanuel has had many great laughs together and many memories to take home with us! Today we were able to experience Antigua and do a bit of shopping. Our kids have become experienced barterers!

And now for tonight…our final devotions together. God’s not done with our group yet and we look forward to what he has for us this evening. There is still more to experience, learn and share together. Please pray for all of us, that it would be a powerful time and please pray for Dan as he shares what God’s word and devotion with us.

We will leave here at 8:00am Guatemala time to head to the airport. Please be praying for all to go smooth and for good connections and safe travels. Some of us are starting to feel under the weather with sore throats and colds. Please be praying for our team as we need energy for tomorrow (and good sleep tonight).

See you tomorrow night!


Building Day #3

Today we headed to the village for our last and final time to dedicate all of the houses we built. The dedication process was a beautiful and powerful experience that is hard to put into words, but here is a quick outline of our day. We brought gifts from home and we got to present and distribute them to all the members of each family. After presenting gifts, the families got a chance to thank all of the group members who built their house, and all the group members got a chance to say something to the family. This was a beautiful time of where the families got a chance to express their thankfulness, and a time where the group members got to express what the building experience has meant to them. They were then presented with the Gospel, were given a chance to respond, and many came to know Christ today!! While all of this was happening inside of the house, on the outside the group was laying hands on the house and covering it with prayer and song. I wish i could fully express how powerful this day was for the families in this village as well as every single group member. When we get home, you NEED to ask us about this day. It’s weird to care so deeply for people that we barely know, but i think we all left a part of our hearts in that village with those people.

That is all. We’ll see ya’ll real soon.

Stay classy Grand Rapids,

Build Day #2

Today we returned to our houses to finish them.  Yes, finish them!  We sanded walls, applied mud, and then joined all the teams together to apply stucco to the four houses.  Then we returned to our houses to sand some more and finally painted the walls. When this was done it was finally time for lunch – which was amazing.  After lunch, each team then decorated the walls of their houses with art work and bible verses from a Spanish Bible.  A few of the teams painted the families hands and put hand prints on the walls. After all our building stuff was carried down the mountain, mattresses and spring foundations were carried back up to the houses. We finally headed home to peel the stucco and paint off of our bodies.  It was a another great day of showing Christ love to these families.

Medical Clinic #2

Today was our second medical clinic.  It was interesting to see the difference from the village yesterday.  The clinic was well organized by one of the leaders from the village. When it was time to share testimonies, about 5 people shared.  Several were the youth and many tears were shed.  A large group of people came forward to accept Christ and it was awesome to see the team praying over these people.  Tonight brought our team even closer to each other and it was wonderful to see God at work in our lives as well as the people from the village.

Tomorrow we go back to our work sites.  These are long days with lots of hard work we certainly feel your prayers and find joy in what we are doing.

Med Clinic #1

Yesterday we went on our first medical clinic to a remote village on the side of the volcano. We split into two groups, one inside the medical clinic helping hand out medications to the families and the other outside playing different things with the people of the village. It was cool to watch the relationships build throughout the day between different team members and the people of the village. At the end of the night, one of the people of the village told Dan that they had been praying for people to come and introduce them to Jesus, many came to know Christ last night and it was an amazing experience to be a part of.

Today we head to another village to do another Med Clinic and we’re to see what God has in store!

Thanks for all the prayers and support!

Love, the Team.



Lights on.

Squad on.


Hello everyone!

Our flights went great and everyone arrived safely with all their luggage!

We had a good first day, it rained during the night last night but we woke up at 5:30 this morning to a beautiful sunrise.  We split into four groups and spent the day working on our different homes, it was really cool to see how far we could get in one day.  We started by praying over the foundations with the family that the house was going to. Everyone took a break at lunch time and had the opportunity to sit outside one of the families’ current homes and have a lunch that they prepared for us.

We left the village at a decent time in the afternoon which gave us the opportunity to shower and spend time hanging around the base and playing games. After dinner we had our first team devotions and starting getting prepared for our first medical clinic tomorrow.

Thank you for all the prayers and support!




Lights out.

Squad out.